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We are a Dutch startup working on various projects around Blockchain technology, Internet of Things and automated trading platforms.
Over the past year Flashboys worked on its flagship product called Wizzle.

What's our new idea?Exploit an important use case of blockchain technology,
transfering the ownership of assets.

We operate a small Ethereum mining farm and we are investing the mining rewards in various exciting blockchain projects.

Flashboys is very excited about the opportunities that tokenization, crowdfunding and secondary markets offer. Therefore, Flashboys has developed Wizzle.
Wizzle promotes the mass adoption by consumers and small businesses of blockchain technology by becoming a globally trusted service provider with a strong local presence.

TeamWho is putting its face

  • Mark
    Noorlander The Netherlands

    Serial Entrepreneur

  • Walter
    Thoen The Netherlands

    Blockchain Expert

  • Casper
    Van Der Velden The Netherlands


  • Michiel
    Den Hollander The Netherlands

    Serial Entrepreneur


    Visual Designer
    Content Manager


    Web Designer
    & Frontend Developer

    Barducchi Italy

    Graphic Designer

    Felicetti Italy

    Graphic Designer

    Calzavara Italy

    Growth Hacker

    Visser The Netherlands

    Growth Hacker

    Bevaart The Netherlands

    Legal Counsel


    Front-end Developer

    Cvišić BIH

    Front-end Developer


    Front-end Developer

    Kalinic BIH

    Web Solution Architect

    Vukotic BIH

    Software Engineer



    Mijatovic BIH

    Back-end Developer

  • IGOR
    Ševo BIH

    QA Manager




    Software Engineer

    Trivic BIH

    UX/UI Designer
    & Frontend Developer

    Aleksic BIH

    Scrum Master

    Vrhovac BIH

    Front-end Developer

    Vucanovic BIH

    Senior Software Developer


Wizzle allows the users to easily buy and sell tokens using familiar payment methods, such as iDeal in the Netherlands, and with fiat currencies such as euros.

It promotes the mass adoption by consumers and small businesses of blockchain technology by becoming a globally trusted service provider with a strong local presence.

HOW IT WORKSFew easy things to know

The Wizzle web application is a secure and intuitive website that customers can use to buy and sell crypto currencies and tokens using payment methods that they are familiar with. The web application will also allow the customer to manage a portfolio of crypto currencies and tokens.

The customer can sign up and sign in to the Wizzle platform using the authentication services provided by Auth0, integrated with a range of social media identity providers such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Facebook.
Automatically he will be directed to a specific Wizzle country website based on his public IP address. The customer can also switch to another country website, unless the country is blocked for non-residents. Each country website uses a different user experience in terms of the language, fiat currency and payment methods supported.


The Wizzle Buy&Sell service allows the customer to buy and sell tokens using popular local payment methods. The service is currently localized for the Netherlands, Italy, Ghana and BIH, with many more country planned.

We support payment methods such as iDeal, Paypal, Airtel Money adn MTN Money, which many more payment methods planned.

The Wizzle Buy&Sell aims to comply with all applicable local regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

Wizzle Buy&Sell uses a tiered permission system. To obtain more permission the customers have to provide more verifiable information about their identity.

Every transaction initiated on the platform is also checked by our in-house risk management solution before it get approved.

Wizzle Tokens


  • A WG token represents the ownership of a depository receipt. It's entitled to a share of the dividends paid out by Wizzle Global N.V.

  • A WI token represents a percentual discount right of 1% on each transaction, service or subscription fee.

  • A WL represents a loan made to Wizzle Global N.V to keep the Buy&Sell services as liquid as possible.


  • Mark
    Noorlander Serial Entrepreneur & Co Founder


Our global team of business, technology and regulatory leaders can help you identify how blockchain can benefit your organization.
We offer you all the support, from the token creation until its implementation and the project management.

Blockchain adviceGuiding and advising blockchain related startups and companies

Flashboys sees enormous potential for blockchain in financial services.

We’ve developed the strategic and implementation capabilities necessary to help financial institutions, technology companies and startups take advantage of this transformative technology. Our global team of experienced business, technology and regulatory leaders can help you identify how blockchain can benefit your organization and how to rapidly move these initiatives forward.

What's our new idea?Exploit the blockchain technology, developing new opportunities for its use

Flashboys operates a small Ethereum mining farm and invest the mining rewards in various exciting blockchain projects, supporting new possibilities for the transferring and ownership of assets through this disruptive technology.

We are very enthusiastic about the new marketing opportunities that blockchain brings. Therefore, Flashboys has developed a platform to support these new blockchain endeavours, Wizzle! And thus promote the mass adoption of this technology by consumers and small businesses.

We want to give everyone easy access to financial services such as international payments, lending circles, investment and crowdfunding. We want everyone to have full control over his personal data and finances, to be able to grow his business using blockchain technology and have access to many other great solutions that are being developed.


Flashboys and ICO HeadStart unite their efforts to strengthen the blockchain community.

A new partnership between Flashboys and ICO HeadStart was established to empower the blockchain community with their combined skills of innovation, experience and technical knowledge.

Flashboys and ICO HeadStart
to empower the blockchain community.
6 Nov 2017

ICO HeadStart is a platform which strives to list ICOs which are carefully selected by an experienced compliance department, while adhering to give its community access to the best possible ICO proposals and the highest security standards in the ecosystem. Their mission is to build a platform where project creators and backers could both benefit the most from the crypto-revolution, not only with the help of industry insiders, but rather with the help of any user in the “real world”.

Flashboys will contribute to the technical part, using all its knowledge in software architecture to turn the innovative solution of ICO HeadStart into reality. 

ICO HeadStart will support a platform based on blockchain technology. The operations and tools are decentralized, which makes it favourable for the community. Through escrow and smart contracts, the platform provides numerous opportunities and at the same time security for backers and creators. This business model will deliver access for the blockchain community to thoroughly screened, selected and certified ICOs by an expert compliance team. It will be the first fundraising platform where backers and project creators pay a 0% fee without any additional costs. Furthermore, the core components deliver 100% profit sharing which contributes to a massive value increase of the MOAT maximizing your profits. ICO HeadStart is based on the MOAT (Mother of All Tokens). The philosophy behind the name is that the token is directly linked with all successfully funded projects on the ICO HeadStart platform.

The ICO HeadStart platform is unique because of the following fundamental features: 0% Fees and no Hidden Costs, 100% Profit Sharing, Team of Experts, Wisdom of the Crowd, the ICO HeadStart Seal of Approval, Escrow Contracts, Smart Contracts and the MOAT Buyback Program.

With these implementations, the ICO HeadStart platform will deliver ICOs with the highest level of risk management for its community. It is the perfect solution to provide endless opportunities for backers and a head start that ICO projects deserve. More information about ICO HeadStart coming soon!

Flashboys mines over $500,000
3 Jul 2017

Just over a year ago Flashboys raised a small amount of money from local investors to set up an experimental mining operation for the Ethereum blockchain. With lots of high-end graphics cards and other components Flashboys built ten special mining computers.

These computers work day and night to try to find the solutions to mathematical challenges needed to add new blocks to the Ethereum blockchain, using the so-called Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm.

For every solution found a small reward is paid to the miner. Over the last year Flashboys received close to 1,700 Ether (ETH) in mining rewards. At today’s rate of close to $300 that represents a value of $500,000.

Even though the returns on investment accomplished so far are no guarantee for the future, it will probably not come as a surprise that there is already a lot of interest from investors to fund another year of mining.

Flashboys spins off its flagship Wizzle product
1 Jun 2017

Flashboys is a blockchain studio based in the Netherlands working on various exciting projects. Over the past year Flashboys worked on its flagship product called Wizzle. Wizzle provides services to consumers and small organisations who want to get started with blockchain technology. For instance, Wizzle makes is extremely simple to buy and sell blockchain tokens with your local currency and familiar payment methods.

In order to allow Wizzle to grow to its full potential Flashboys is now spinning off Wizzle into a separate venture. Flashboys will transfer all products and intellectual property rights to Wizzle Global N.V. and has also found investors who will together put in EUR 250,000 to fund the launch of Wizzle.

Flashboys is working with a Dutch notary service to be one of the very first companies to have the Wizzle Global N.V. share certificates registered on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of an ERC20-compatible token.

For more information about Wizzle please visit or contact us on

Flashboys builds a fiat gateway for Ghana
26 Apr 2017

Flashboys has partnered with Trinity software center to build a blockchain to fiat gateway for Ghana. Trinity software center is a social enterprise based in Kumasi with the mission to create a career perspective for young Africans using Information Technology.

The blockchain to fiat gateway allows users to easily convert Ghanaian cedis into bitcoin, ether and Ethereum-based tokens and vice versa. The gateway supports both MTN money and Airtel money, two of the most popular mobile phone services providers in Ghana.

The gateway is currently only a proof-of-concept developed as part of the Wizzle project, an initiative setup by Flashboys to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Flashboys plans to offer a full-featured version as soon as a local operator for Wizzle has been recruited for Ghana.

For more information about Wizzle please visit or contact us to become a local operator on

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