Decentralised business solutions

About the project

WIZZLE was founded in 2016, inspired by the need to bring to market a simplified transaction solutions based on the blockchain technology. The company launched with their Buy/Sell service, which was further developed into a revolutionary Bank-in-a-Box System, including an atm service, which is now part of the WIZZLE merchant services. Tokens have been Wizzle’s main focus the past years. The company is currently launching tokens for numerous clients worldwide and has grown their Token Factory into a fully compliant STO launching platform.

Wizzle’s goal is to be the leading povider of simple and accessible cryptocurrency solutions for everyone. We are a team of committed professionals who pride ourselves on promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the revolutionary opportunities that Blockchain technology offers by bridging the gap between the blockchain world and the traditional world.

We here at WIZZLE want to make “crypto” easy and accessible for everyone –  Crypto doesn’t have to be difficult. We want to integrate crypto and blockchain technology in every day use while also bridging commercial needs and demands.